Sunset Agate Ring
Sunset Agate Ring

Sunset Agate Ring

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A sunset within a stone, that glows from the inside out. 
Featuring local Montana Agate showcased in a sterling silver setting, and ring band textured by fused silver dust. 

• One-of-a-kind Montana Agate 
• Sterling and Fine Silver
• Size 9


>> More about this piece...

     The unique beauty of Montana Agates is one of those things that just grabs you and pulls you in. Each stone is truly one-of-a-kind, with its own patterns and colors, each one a small world contained within its flawlessly polished surface.
     I am fortunate enough to live just a few miles from the stretch of Yellowstone River in MT where these agates were formed with the help of volcanic action over a span of millions of years.
     And lucky for me, I also have the pleasure to know Jeff Nesper, one of the most experienced and talented lapidary artists of MT agates in the world. Each of Jeff’s agates is an exceptional specimen, cut and polished to the highest standard. It is a pleasure to work with a local stone, cut and polished by a friend, and showcased in a handmade setting made by my own hands. 
     Jewelry made for you by people who love what we do.