Small World Necklace - No. 9
Small World Necklace - No. 9
Small World Necklace - No. 9

Small World Necklace - No. 9

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• Montana Agate, locally sourced & one of a kind.
• Handcrafted thick sterling silver bezel setting. 
• 18” sterling silver chain. 

• Choice of chain style - smooth or with beads. Please state your preference in “Notes” box upon checkout. Necklace will come with a smooth chain if no preference is specified.


>> More about this piece...

✔️ This thick silver frame is both beautiful and durable...and also very labor-intensive to craft. A thick sterling bezel takes about 5 times longer to create than a more traditional thinner bezel, and the higher price price point reflects this longer labor of love. It is worth it, however, for a one-of-a-kind piece that will stand the test of time.

✔️ Every Montana Agate is truly one-of-a-kind, with its own patterns and colors, each one it’s own small world contained within a highly polished surface.

✔️ Unlike turquoise, agates cannot be mined or “claimed.” Anyone can go out and find them!

✔️ Montana agate was formed with the help of the prehistoric volcanoes in the Yellowstone area...over the span of hundreds of miles and millions of years. It is only found in a specific stretch of the Yellowstone River, part of which isn’t too far from where I live!

✔️ Agates are said to carry mystical powers for their owner. Some of the more interesting ones include increasing creativity and clarity, curing insomnia, increasing self-confidence, protection from falling, and enhanced good fortune. 

✔️ All of these agates are cut by Jeff Nesper, one of the most experienced and talented lapidary artists of MT agates in the world. Each of Jeff’s agates is an exceptional specimen, cut and polished to the highest standard. It is a pleasure to work with a local stone, cut and polished by a friend, and showcased in a handmade setting made by my own hands. 


This piece will arrive in a box ready for gift giving, along with a small polishing cloth and Bluffs Edge sticker. If you are sending it as a gift and would like to include a handwritten note, please let me know in the “note to seller” box upon checkout. Ready to ship in 2-4 business days.