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Meet the Maker


I adore the beautiful necklace that Alicia from Bluffs Edge crafted just for me.  It is a piece that I wear frequently and receive many compliments on.  Alicia has a gift for taking naturally beautiful stones and creating settings that further amplify their beauty. I will absolutely be adding more of her stunning pieces to my collection!


I was in the market for a turquoise ring to complete my outfits for this year’s NFR. I decided to go with Bluffs Edge Studio and so happy I did! During the creation process, communication was wonderful - Alicia asked all the right questions and really custom-made the ring for me! 

When I received the finished product, I was blown away at the craftsmanship and durability of the ring - the size and fit was perfect and she couldn’t have chosen a more-perfect stone for my outfits! Thanks so much! I look forward to many future purchases with Bluffs Edge Studio!


The one of a kind jewelry designs by Alicia at Bluffs Edge Studio are amazing! Alicia's orders are delivered timely and beautifully boxed ready to give as gifts.  I love my earrings and spinner ring!


Alicia has an amazing eye for detail and seeing an entire enchanting world in a small stone! The entire Small World Collection was out of this world amazing! I kept picking stones and not deciding, then going back and the stone would be gone! In the end I got the stone I had pick out first and the one that spoke the most to me. Alicia's collaboration with the artist cutting the MT agate was brilliant, I have never seen anything like this stone and jewelry!!! Whenever I look at this amazing little jewel I will be reminded of my Dad and how he told me to continue the circle of life and not to worry, and to stay wild and free! The scene brings me wonderful memories of growing up in the tundra of Alaska. If you're looking at piece of Alicia's work - follow your heart. Your first choice will probably be your best, and just buy it - you will be happy, I sure am!