A Little Bit About Me...

I’ve been a little quiet over here at Bluffs Edge, taking a bit of a break from business in favor of family. But I wanted to say hey and introduce myself to the new friends, and say thanks for being here! 👋

I made my first piece of jewelry about 10 years ago, some wire wrapped birds nest necklaces I made for Christmas gifts. At that point in life, I was staying at home with a bunch of kids (had 3 littles, #4 was still a twinkle 🤩) and was really needing something else to occupy my brain space. So bit by bit I explored the idea of jewelry making, bought some beads and wire online, and started using books and the internet to figure it out. I didn’t fire up a torch until 2013, but when I did I was totally hooked. 🔥

As a mostly self-taught metalsmith (one class to learn bezel-making, and one from @ringgoldnicole which was a fantastic experience), I still feel very much in the beginnings of what I believe is possible. My brain is often taken up with daydreams of pieces and techniques I want to try, like a video reel remix that’s always playing in the background. 📽

Learning this craft has been a roller coaster. There are times I work like a madwoman, and times I step away for weeks. Times when I feel like a total badass, and times when absolutely nothing goes right. But no matter what, that video reel in my brain never goes away. I freaking love this craft. 🔨🖤

Some other random bits...
• I live and work on top of a bluff overlooking the Missouri River...hence “Bluffs Edge Studio”. My husband likes to claim he came up with the name...and I like to let him. 😉
• If I were to use my actual Master’s degree, I would be teaching high school English right now. 📚
• Once upon a time, I got the title of Grand Champion Showman at our local 4-H county fair...that summer I showed a steer, horse, pig, and sheep. 🐑🐂🐖🐎 😂

So that’s a little more about me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being here with me in my little slice of the world.

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